WOW Moments 10292013

Good Evening!!! After a long Monday afternoon at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, I finally found time to write an]bout the dedication of the newest monument in San Antonio, Texas. The  U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument was unveiled for the first time before a large crowd of former Dog Handler Veterans from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War , Gulf War and the War on Terror. Billed as the ‘Guardians of America’s Freedom, the 4 dog breeds most commonly trained are depicted in bronze standing next to a Dog Handler. The breeds are Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and  Belgian Malinois. What a spectacular sight!!

The speeches made were about how the Military Working Dog (MWD) and the bond that formed between handler and canine warriors. The stories of how the MWD alerted the warriors to bombs, attacks, and the human lives saved by the courageous MWD, without regard to their own safety. Of how deep the human-canine bond went between the pair entrusted with the safety of the rest of the troops. From Generals in-charge to the Handlers, the story never changed…. of how the dog watched over their human counterparts.

And there I was with The Colonel paying TADSAW’s respects to the monument and the special occasion. But the one thing that went thru my mind was of the stories, and how similar they were to what goes on with the TADSAW program.  ‘Train a Dog – Save a Warrior’ and build on the human-canine bond by having the Veteran train and teach their canine ‘Battle Buddy’.

The respect that the Department of Defense and the 5 branches of the Armed Forces give to the MWD and the saving of human lives, should be heard by those same ears when it comes to the use of Medical Alert Service Dogs and saving the lives of the Wounded Warriors that have returned home from deployment. TWENTY-TWO veterans are victims of suicide daily. That should be enough for the Military to re-think the use of more Service Dogs for survivors of PTSD, MST and/or TBI.

Tonight on the MTV show Snooki & JWOWW, there appeared a rather ‘touchy’ subject in regards to Jenni wanting to train her dog to be a service dog in order that the dog can go with her everywhere. The problem is that it cheapens the concept of a Service Dog being needed by a Disabled Veteran in order to improve the Veteran’s Quality of Life. Too many times and too many telephone call have I received from a distraught Veteran about being refused entry into s store or restaurant, because the management knew nothing about the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and 2010 granting the Right of Access into public businesses.

The MTV show might have chosen a subject other than ‘phony’ Service Dogs, or at least have the reality characters confess to her abuse of the Law and the system that so protects the rights of our Nation’s Disabled Veterans and their Medical Alert Service Dogs.

And now the really big news that I received…. a Veteran and his Battle Buddy training in Nevada passed the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test and are now TADSAW Service Dog Team 0171!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Steven & LB: TSD0171 and Paul the Trainer. Good Luck as the Team go forward into the future.

Now that is the WOW MOMENT!!! 171 Service Dog Teams since August 2010!!!

Thank You all for reading and sharing this blog to others….

As always, I remain……Bart



WOW 10272013

Good Afternoon!!! This morning I was at the monthly meeting of the Jewish War Veterans in San Antonio, Texas, and to my  ‘surprise’  was asked by a former Chapter Commander to speak about the TADSAW Catch Twenty-Two Challenge. This is very significant as San Antonio is the home of TADSAW, INC., and the fact that they are the first Veterans’ Group to accept and respond to the Challenge, above the request, is very much appreciated.

The TADSAW Catch Twenty-Two Challenge is asking for a $22.00 donation from each and every chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Jewish War Veterans, Vietnam Veterans Association, Masonic Lodge, Order of Eastern Star, and any other group, whether it be a weekly card club, homeowners association or school, to donate Twenty-Two Dollars ($22.00) to the ‘Train a Dog – Save a Warrior’ (TADSAW) program. Just one $22.00 donation, not per member, not per month, not per member per month!!! JUST ONCE ANNUALLY!!! Together all of you can provide for the funding of many Service Dog Teams across the United States.

To date October 27th, TADSAW has trained 171 Service Dog Teams, has over 250 Teams in-training and adds at least 55 to 60 new Teams per month to the training program. Over 1100 applications have been emailed during 2013, and there are still 2 months remaining. BUT the real note of significance is that there are 31 Vietnam Veteran Service Dog Teams to have been accredited thru the program.

With your financial assistance, TADSAW hopes to challenge the 22 suicides per day by Veterans across the country, and hopefully reduce the number. You know that TWENTY-TWO looks good on a football jersey (Emmitt Smith) or a baseball uniform (Jim Palmer or Roger Clemens) or a basketball jersey (Elgin Baylor or John Salley or Tiago Splitter), or on  NASCAR  (Penske Racing). BUT it is an embarrassment to the United States as a statistic for Veterans suicides.

Since 2010, when the TADSAW program began, the daily suicide rate  has steadily increased from 14 deaths to the present rate in 2013 of 22 deaths. This does not look good for the Department of Defense nor the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those parties add more money to the budget to cover new programs, but the number of suicides still have increased. Obviously, something is not working as well as it needs to.

Thank You for reading my blog and look forward to your comments. Please pass this blog on to others, if you feel the urge to share.

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Bart Sherwood



WOW Moments 10262013


Good Morning & Afternoon!!!

Latest update on Friday October 18th, Leah,  our TADSAW Trainer in the Fort Campbell area , announced that the another Team passed the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test (PATT)

CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie & SONNY: TSD0169 – Thank You for your participation and hard work. and GOOD LUCK to you both..

I forgot to mention that this past week, there were 4 Vietnam Veterans that had successfully completed the TADSAW PATT.  These Teams are:

Stephen & GGM MOLLY:  TSD0163 ; Curt & PENNY: TSD0166 ; Henry & CALLIE: TSD0167 and Eddie & EMMA: TSD0168.

Also, I received a message that at Camp Lejeune, CONGRATULATIONS are due to Francisco & MOONSTAR: TSD0170 and the Team’s Trainer Casper. Thank You all for your participation and hard work

These Four increases the total number of  Vietnam Veteran  TADSAW Service Dog Teams to 31 !!

Congratulations to all of the TADSAW Service Dog Teams that have participated and worked hard to get there.

Have a great weekend…..


As always…… Bart

Thursday WOW 10172013 PATT

Good Evening!!! What a week  this has been. The Government fiasco in Washington DC !!! The Major League Baseball playoffs!!  And now the naming of 6 new TADSAW Service dog Teams.

Starting on Saturday October 12th – Stephen & GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY: TSD0163 – Trained by Colleen of DC , and continuing thru Today  Thursday    October 17th –  Arseny & JAXX: TSD0164Michael & VALKON: TSD0165;  Curt & PENNY: TSD0166;  Henry & CALLIE: TSD0167; and Eddie & EMMA: TSD0168 – all trained by Carolyn of San Antonio.

Congratulations and Good Luck to each TEAM as they go out into a new world together. And Thank You to the TEAMS and the Trainers for all of their hard work and participation in the TADSAW program. This is what makes the program so successful, the building and nurturing of the human-canine bond, from the start of training and strengthening with each lesson attended.

168 TEAMS since TADSAW began in August 2010 – WOW!!!

89 TEAMS  during 2013 – and with a little bit of Luck and hard work by the Teams in-training- TADSAW will see over 100 Teams  accredited this year. WOW !!!

Please view the new video about Service Dogs on the TADSAW Face Book  or click on or Service Dogs Heal Soldiers (UMTV)

Thank You all for reading this blog.

Have a great weekend……….. and stay tuned for another one !!!!


TADSAW WOW Moments 10122013

Good Morning!!!It seems like I should be doing this more often, and I promise I will come to this site daily.

First of all,  TADSAW wants to congratulate and welcome the newest Service Dog Teams the program, that passed the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test recently.  They are:

   TSD0158 :   Joey & CHLOE   –            trained by Cheralyn of North Carolina

TSD0159 :  Charlene & SAPHIRA  – trained by Cheralyn

  TSD0160 :  Alan & NUVELLE      –      trained by   Kimberly of North Carolina

TSD0161 :  Christopher & LUNA  –    trained by Jacqueline of Colorado

TSD0162 :    Trisha & RIVER          –    trained by Jacqueline

Once again CONGRATULATIONS to the entire TEAM for their dedication, hard work, and participation in the program. This is what makes the TADSAW program successful. GOOD LUCK to you all as you return back into the Community and the World.

WOW!! !63 Teams since the Program started in August 2010, and a total of 83 so far this year.  All I can say is THANK YOU

The GREAT AMERICAN RESCUE is a concept I termed a about 3 years ago bringing together the Wounded Warrior and the Rescue Shelter Dog, and training them as a TEAM. This training thus would be saving 2 lives simultaneously and establishing the recognizable  “Human-Canine Bond”. Now TADSAW wants to challenge everyone reading this WOW-moment to send in $10.00  to support the funding of the training and the program.

This same challenge is being issued to all of the chapters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans Association, Special Forces Association, Disabled American Veterans, the Masonic Lodge, the Order of Eastern Star, and many other organizations to promote the awareness of the seriousness of the situation facing the ‘Invisible Wound’ survivors.  Just one TEN DOLLAR donation per chapter or lodge per year . Nothing too big! Not per member! Not per month!! and NOT per member per month!! Just once a year!! Please share this with your friends and neighbors.

What does the Number 22 (Twenty-two) mean to you?? To TADSAW – it is Robert & MARLEY as in TSD0022 . To many of you it is the uniforms of Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys, John Salley of the Detroit Pistons, Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles, Tiago Splitter of the San Antonio Spurs, Mike Bossy of the Philadelphia Flyers, Elgin Baylor of the Los Angeles Lakers, and many other outstanding individuals. It is also the NASCAR number for Penske Racing represented by so many great drivers. But really it represents the number of daily suicides by the Nation’s Veterans and Service members. And THIS IS WRONG!!!

There is a serial killer out there causing the premature death of 22 men and women on a daily basis. And this is what is reported by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs; however, it only takes into account the reporting of statistics by 11 states. Last time I looked at the United States map, I saw 50 states with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Why is no one hunting he killer down?? Why is the death rate higher at ‘home’ than on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan?? WHY??

Twenty-two murders a day and no one is rushing to stop or decrease the numbers. As a matter of fact, in 2010, the rate was at 14 suicides daily, and just steadily increased. I am not looking to blame anyone. All I want to know is why has the murder rates in the cities decreased while the deaths of our Service members rose.

But for 163 of the Veterans and  another 200 plus in-training, they have a chance to become another type of reported statistic. And with your assistance, maybe the Number 22 will be decreased next year.

Thank You for reading and I look forward to your comments.

Have a great weekend and a safe Columbus Day holiday!!!

As always, I remain,

Bart Sherwood – Program Director TADSAW, INC. (210)643-2901