WOW moments 11302013


‘Fact or Faith’ believing in the system!!

Veterans and Active Duty members have ‘FAITH’ the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs will take care of their health problems during and after serving. The FACT is that they, the DoD and DoVA, do not- time and time again. Just look at the backlog of claims, the Vietnam War Veterans, Desert Storm and the Gulf War Veterans, and  the MST survivors. 

The FACT is the Veterans have FAITH, but the government entities entrusted with the responsibility prove time and time again that the Fact is they will Delay – Deny and hope they Die before taking care of them.

And now the DoVA is attempting to tear down the ADA of 2010 that established calming as a task for Service Dogs for PTSD survivors. When will they stop abusing and not following the Law of the Land?? When will they too become compliant like the rest of the public??

WOW Moments 11292013

Greetings!!! Now that we all have survived another Thanksgiving Day and are eating left-overs, it is time to write again.

The Colonel, Kelcie, Patsy and myself spent Thanksgiving Day supper with the Wounded Warriors and their families at the Warrior Family Support Center (WFSC) at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) aka Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) located at Fort Sam Houston.  The diner was catered by the San Antonio Chapter of the Order of the Purple Heart. Everything was delicious and well received by all.

The Colonel and Kelcie made it feel more like home with all of the hugs and petting by the kids and families. Nothing like having a dog around to feel more like home away from home. Unfortunately, dark colored clothing had a definite attraction for the hairs from Kelcie and The Colonel. But no one seemed to mind!!!

The good news coming before the Holiday was from North Carolina and another TADSAW Service Dog Team passing the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test on November 26th. the newest Team is Chris & ANN TSD0186. Congratulations are due to them and their Trainer Kimberly. And what a way to celebrate Turkey Day, than with your family again. That makes 107 Teams just in 2013 and still another 3 weeks of training before the end of the year!!!

The TADSAW Catch TWENTY-TWO Challenge is progressing slowly, but then again it takes time to make a good soup or a hearty stew. Lots of stirring and seasoning and cooking to get it just right!!!

Hopefully more people are checking out this site… because I have had others ask me about the previous wave of emails. So I will probably do both!!

Until next time – stay safe and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend..

As always – Bart


WOW Moments 11/22/2013

Good Morning!!! What a month and I apologize for being too lax and not writing daily.. I just need to get into the habit.

Since the beginning of November, there have been 14 TADSAW Public Access Temperament Tests passed and the Teams have been accredited from all over the country. Congratulations are due to the following Teams;

David & LEX  TSD0172 ;        Tennessee – Trained by Leah

      Michael & SADIE TSD0173 ;  SATX – Trained by Carolyn

      Lacey & MAMAS TSD0174 ;  SATx – Trained by Carolyn

      Bill & AMBUSH TSD0175 ;     West Texas – Trained by Gary

      Tyler & VALKYRIE TSD0176 ; SATX – Trained by Carolyn

Juan & BELLA TSD0177 ;    SATx – Trained by Brent  *his first TADSAW Team*

     Gary & ZIVA TSD0178 ;         West Texas – Trained by Gary

     Brad & BULL TSD0179 ;        SATx – Trained by Carolyn *TMTC*

     Tina & SHADOW TSD0180;   West Texas – Trained by Gary

     Tim & SPADER TSD0181 ;     DFW – Trained by Michelle

    Michael & LUNA TSD0182 ;   DFW – Trained by Michelle

    Michael J & ROCKY TSD0183 ; North Carolina – Trained by Brittany **her first TADSAW Team*

    Daniel & MIJA TSD0184 ;  East Texas – Trained by Randy (Louisiana)

    June & SAMSON TSD0185  West Texas – Trained by Gary

BUT another milestone occurred during the testing in San Antonio, and that was the 100th Team accredited during 2013!!!  And the distinguished honor belongs to Brad & Bull when they passed their ‘walk’ at Bass Pro Shop. Not only was he now the !00th Team, but he represents all of his fellow Vietnam Veterans finally coming home. So far there are 33 Vietnam Veterans representing the TADSAW Service Dog Teams, among many more currently in-training.

Not a day goes by, when I am not sending out 5 or more applications in response to inquiries, and receiving back 1 or 2 completed applications. The number in-training all over the Country just keeps increasing.

TADSAW has received many donations over the past few weeks, but the need keeps growing.

The TADSAW Catch TWENTY-TWO Challenge has slowly been gaining momentum, and that is okay as long as each day grows a little.

I have a meeting in December with the Battalion Surgeon of the Fort Sam Houston Warriors Transition Battalion to discuss the role of Medical Alert Service Dogs, and the training,  in the warrior’s treatment of PTSD. I trust all goes well, as the controversy is like a ‘hot potato’!!! All I can say to them is the quote on the US Military Working Dog Monument, dedicated to the MWD & their handler “Together they train to hone their skills and Bond as a Team”. These Teams were responsible for saving tens (maybe hundreds!!) of thousands of lives during the deployment of fighting troops. So may their peacetime brothers and sisters, the Medical Alert Service Dogs, do for their Handlers and the families, neighborhoods and communities.

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving…..


As always…… Bart

TADSAW WOW Moments 11052013

Good Afternoon!!! Just sitting here sending out TADSAW applications and answering telephone calls and inquiries about the program. Also, busy trying to launch the revised up-dated website. At least, I think we are having less problems than the Affordable Care site.

Anyways just to let you all know, during October 2013, TADSAW sent out 158 applications in response to the many phone calls I received. Fifty applications were completed and returned  just from October and another 19 applications from previous months. That means an additional 69 Teams are being placed on ” in-training” status all over the United States.

That is a big ” WOW” as there are over 300 Teams with Dogs in-training or waiting to find a shelter dog to become a Battle Buddy and start training.

I am going to publish now as I need to get back and work on the website. Stay tuned for more !!!!

Did you see these new videos yet??

**NEW VIDEOS: Therapy Dogs Heal Troops (UMTV)   **Must View**  **

Let me know what you think!!!

Have a great week….

Bart & The Colonel