Good Morning America Happy Labor Day

GOOOOOD MORNING AMERICA!!! Happy Labor Day and RABBIT!!! That way you a real good ‘jump’ on beginning the new month.

And What a month August was!! WE, the American people have lost a truly outstanding comedian and an iconic movie personality within hours. We will only hear those opening words of this letter, uttered by a Genius when the movie plays again.

Robin Williams, in contrast, was the typical comedian, playing the role of Pagliacci throughout his life. He was truly a genius in his characters. It was stated “Geniuses do naturally what others attempt to do”!!! Robin survived the years with many demons inside, just like those individuals with PTSD.

The loss of Lauren Bacall is a sign of our advancing age, mortality and the fulfillment of the ‘Circle of Life’. “THE LOOK” as it was phrased, embodied the personality, the royalty and the persona of her being. Self assured and confident in all of her roles in the movies and in real life. “Bacall just did not survive”, as William Faulkner stated, “She prevailed”.

Survival is what happens when you beat the odds going against you. To PREVAIL is to exceed the expectations and continue to grow, live and prosper.

Our wounded warriors have survived the battlefield, only to come home faced with a life of counseling sessions, use of prescription medications and being threatened with the terms ‘non-compliant’ , ‘hostile altitude’ etc. They are treated as if they have no say in their own choice of therapeutic intervention, until they stand up for themselves or have an advocate that goes the extra mile. To survive PTSD is one thing, but to PREVAIL and go forward into the present and future is another.

‘PREVAIL’ will become an integral part of the TADSAW message and mission statement because it means to succeed, to triumph, to exceed the expectations, to excel, to exist, to endure, to live to fight another day, etc. It is more than just ‘to survive’.

Now on to recent news….. Several more Veterans have prevailed and became accredited TADSAW Service Dog Teams, since the end of July. Congratulations to the following Teams and their trainers during the Month of August

Bridgette & SHADOW(R): TSD0301; Jarod & FERGE: TSD0302 ; Jonathan & BRUCE(R): TSD0303 – all trained by Michelle of Fort Worth —

Keith & SAM(R): TSD0304 – trained by Melissa of Kentucky;
Erik & HACHI(R): TSD0305 – trained by David of North Carolina;
Craig & BELLA(R): TSD0306 – trained by Chris of Fort Rucker;
Trevor & YOSHI(R):TSD0307 – trained by Jackie of Colorado Springs;
Rob & WILLOW(R): TSD0308; Tara & CHUKA(R): TSD0309; Jerry & BLAZE(R): TSD0310; and Johnathan & CHUNKY: TSD0311 – all trained by Jessica of Fort Hood;
Katie & TOOTHLESS(R): TSD0312; Brian & INDIA(R): TSD0313; Michael & LAYLA(R): TSD0314; and Chris & LUNCH(R): TSD0315 – all trained by Sandhya of Austin

This was Chris’s first Team to go thru the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test, and has many more in the wings. All of the dogs are rescues(R), whether as older dogs or as a puppy in one case. But no matter what, each one saved the other. CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK as you all go forward in Life!!!!

Well, the numbers for August 2014 are in the history books. As Summer winds down and Fall begins, the number of applications sent out was 162, compared to the 2013 figure of 105!!!!! So far in 2014, there have been 1466 requests for applications, from all over the United States. The remarkable number is that 79 completed applications were received completed and ready to be assigned to a TADSAW Trainer following the Labor Day Holiday.

With the 600 applications returned completed and the accredited 117 TADSAW Service Dog Teams, this means over 700 families, 700 neighborhoods and 700 communities have been touched by TADSAW in 2014. And to have been a part of this program and event… all one can say is WOW!!!!!

TADSAW was honored with donations from the Central Park Lions Club, the San Antonio Founder Lions Club and the Jewish War Veterans Post 753 during August, receiving donations to sponsor 4 Teams. The Colonel and I received invitations to speak about the Program to several other groups, and as always he stole the event.

TADSAW received some assistance several days ago, when a good friend and U.S. Army General Retired, provided a needed boost to assist the TADSAW Memorandum of Understanding. The new strategy presents a Memorandum of Explanation covering the Train a Dog – Save a Warrior philosophy of training, in addition to laying the ground work for the training of the TADSAW Service Dog Team. Many Thanks to General David… TADSAW needed that!!!!

With the kickoff of College Football and the NFL in September, TADSAW wants to offer a special donation incentive.
for those of you who just might be interested. Donate $2,500, for one Team and get a second Team free, plus a pair of TADSAW T-shirts, and realize that you have just made a big difference in a Veteran’s Quality of Life.

Unfortunately, so many of the TADSAW’s Veterans are still struggling with speaking openly about their experiences or even having their photos snapped, it makes it difficult to share all them with the donors. However, I am going to see if they will write about their experiences before and after their canine ‘Battle Buddy‘ came into their Life. Then I will add them to both the TADSAW and TADSAW-WOW websites.

Well, it took me 3 weeks to complete this email!!! As you can see when I started it. The TADSAW wounded warrior, Active Duty or Veteran, begins the program as a PTSD/MST/TBI survivor with an in-training Service Dog and by the time the Pair passes the TADSAW PATT, the Team becomes a Service Dog in-training and, going against the odds, has PREVAILED for themselves, their families and their communities with their ‘Battle Buddy’.

Have a great week ahead….. hoping you had a safe Labor Day Holiday!!!

As always, I remain,

Bart Sherwood
Program Director – TADSAW, INC.
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