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Good Evening!!! Just another example of man’s inhumanity to other men!! The VA is once again dropping  PTSD off the diagnoses of wounds associated with the horrors of War. A couple of weeks ago, the Marine Corps stated that ‘Inner Guilt’ or ‘Moral Injury’ was a Marine’s own personal problem that the Corps should not have to contend with and have to address. Moreover, the Department of the Army, in an unwritten and undocumented order, told the Behavioral Health  specialists (psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists0 that PTSD was no longer to be diagnosed and only the symptoms associated were to be, such as depression, anxiety, isolation, bipolar disorder, etc.

PTSD is not, nor should have it ever been, linked to psychiatric or mental health issues. It is a learned behavior from being witness to the atrocities of a war, whether deployed or non-deployed, combatant or non-combatant. As stated in an article by the United Nations, ‘psychological trauma is not treatable with the use of prescription pharmaceuticals’. And still the Department of Defense and the Department of Veteran Affairs use medication as their first line of treatment. When will they ever learn that PTSD does not respond, except for the side effect profile of the drug.

What the question should be is “Why does the VA commission a 5 year study to determine if something works after it has been studied and restudied over a 10 year period?” Is the real reason to keep the doctors and their interns employed for a definite period of time? Or is this just another form of job security??

Why does the VA system exist if not for the benefit  of the Veteran and their healthcare? And to be treated like problem children and be denied a good quality of care is not acceptable.  I know that for a fact when I was a VA Hospital Pharmacist back in the 1980’s. Not one time is the Veteran asked “What can I do for your today?” It’s more like “What do you want?” If not for the Veteran, there would be no jobs for all of the employees in the hospital or VA system!!!!


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Congratulations are due for the newest members to the TADSAW Service Dog Teams.

They are James & JACK: TSD0142, trained by Sherrie in Massachusetts, and Roland & JOHN BIG JR (aka BIG): TSD0143, trained by Carolyn in San Antonio. These Teams are actually from different areas than were the Public Access/ Temperament Tests were given.  James & JACK are from Alabama, and are visiting in New England for the summer. And Roland & BIG are from Florida, but having been planning this San Antonio trip for almost a year.

That brings the total to 64 TEAMS accredited in 2013!!!!!!



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What a week!!! The Montana VA Hospital system was throwing Veterans with Service Dogs out of the hospitals, after a rush thru piece of legislation, giving the Veterans no time to make arrangements for their canine ‘Battle Buddies’. It almost sounded like a scene from the movie “Article 99”!! And who would of thought that the VA system was set-up to take care of the Veterans and their needs!!

Another example of the week, was the ‘on again – off again’ altitude of the Wounded Warrior Battalions at 2 different military installations of allowing an Active Duty member to bring into the barracks, their in-training Service Dog . One day, everything was in order for the move-in; and then 24 hours later, there was a 180 degree turn around.  Just an unbelievable situation. Build up their hopes and then smash them down!!!

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