TADSAW WOW moments 01122014

Good Evening!!! I hope everyone is has started off the New Year – 2014-  on a Happy – Healthy – Safe & Prosperous note. Just give the year a little room to mature and I am sure that some of those four  notes will change somewhat. Anyways now on to the news.

On Saturday January 11th, I received a telephone call announcing the First TADSAW Service Dog Team of 2014 had passed the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test and became the First Team to be trained in California with a Veteran with a new TADSAW Trainer.  Congratulations to Colin & DUKE TSD0199 and Nick the Trainer  for their hard work and participation in the TADSAW program. And there are more Teams on the horizon, and most definitely TSD0200 will be very shortly!!

So far 2014 has started out ahead of last year’s statistics, for the same time period. with applicants, and Teams in-training.

I also was made aware of the fact that TADSAW did not reach the 2013 Budget goal of $300,000 and 120 Service Dog Teams. BUT the good news was that TADSAW did accredit 119 Teams (just one shy!!!) on about 55% of the budget. We had over 430 donors during 2013 that supported the program.  And again Thank You to all of those generous individuals and businesses that were so kind during 2013.

Well that just about brings you up-to-date on the goings on!!!

Congratulations and Good Luck again to TSD0199 : Colin & DUKE….

Have a great week and an Awesome Year……

As always, I remain,

Bart Sherwood
Program Director – TADSAW, INC.
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