TADSAW WOW moments 01132014 PM

Good Evening!!!! Well I did not even make it 24 hours after sending out an email yesterday and earlier today, than what to my surprise was another round of TADSAW Public Access Temperament Tests in the Fort Hood/ Killen area of Texas. And now the BIG milestone has been reached and shared by a rookie Trainer.

Congratulations to Jason & LOUIE: TSD 0200 and Timothy & PONGO: TSD0201, both trained and supervised by Theresa the Trainer.  These 2 Teams represent Terri (TSD0109) on her first group of Teams. And more are on the horizon.

There is not much else to say, except WOW!!! Thank You to all of the Veterans and Service Members and their Battle Buddies, and the Trainers that have been there for them all.  “Together you train to hone your skills and bond as a Team” – the thought and the idea really work on forging and strengthening the human-canine bond, which is the backbone of any Service Dog Team.

Congratulations and Good Luck in the future to Jason & LOUIE TSD0200 and Timothy & PONGO TSD 0201.

Thank You all for supporting TADSAW since August 2010.

Have a great week…..

As always, I remain,

Bart Sherwood
Program Director – TADSAW, INC.
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