TADSAW WOW Moments 12122013

Good Morning!!! It feels like I have been trying to get to this blog for almost 12 days. And finally “here I is!!” Anyways, I hope each and every one had a Happy Thanksgiving and got plenty of Turkey and stuffing and yams and pies. By now the leftovers are almost all gone – Thankfully!!!

In November, there were 120 application requests from Wounded Warriors and Veterans, of which 34 were completed during the month, and another 26 from previous months. That means another 60 Teams will be starting to train after the New Year starts. Sometimes it is difficult to get the ball rolling during the Holidays, because of family, trips and guests. But those applicants, knowing that training will begin soon,  are ready to move forward quickly.

But the BIG NEWS so far in December is the announcement of another 8 TADSAW Service Dog Teams passing the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test.

On December 7th, to honor the memory of Pearl Harbor Day, Trainer Jessica, in the Fort Hood area accredited the following Service Dog Teams:  Aaron & PATCHES: TSD0187 ; Jonscott & ANN: TSD0188 ; Matthew & MAX: TSD0189 ; and Richard & ZACK: TSD0190.

Then on December 10th, seems to be Nobel Prize awarding day, the only awards were for Trainer Carolyn’s ‘students’ in the  San Antonio, where the following Service Dog Teams were accredited, and joined an already increasing list. These Teams are: Fabian & GUNNER: TSD0191 ; Erica & REB: TSD0192 ; Darin & NASH:TSD 0193 ; and Jimmy & SMOKY: TSD0194.

Congratulations to all of the TEAMS, as they go into the world with their families and into the communities, after years of isolation due to the PTSD stranglehold. GOOD LUCK & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all the TEAMS. Also, Thank You to the Trainers, Humans & Canines for their hard work and patience during the training and testing.

WOW!!!! So far during 2013, TADSAW has accredited 115 TEAMS throughout the United States…and that is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the program of the Wounded Warriors, Active Duty and Veteran, the Dogs and the Trainers involved. My Thanks to all of them because THEY make it happen.

And the TADSAW Catch TWENTY-TWO Challenge is picking up support from everyone we reach out to. Please think about gifting a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your loved ones, rather than the normal materialistic gifts. It makes everyone involved feel better knowing that they have made a difference in the world.


As always, I remain,

Bart & The Colonel