Greetings – July 4th should remind us all of the sacrifice our forefathers made from TADSAW

July 4th

Good Morning!!! As you awake on July 4th and every day this weekend, it reminds us of the promise that America’s Forefathers made assuring every person’s right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and the Nation’s military to protect those rights. But have those same rights protected by the military service members been given back to them or taken away once they return home?? That is the question of the month!!!! Anyways lets look what has happened during the month of June from TADSAW.

TWENTY- ONE new TADSAW Service Dog Teams were accredited when they passed the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test during the month of June and represented 9 different states!!! Congratulations and Good Luck to the following Teams:

Chris & GRAYSON: TSD0264 – trained by Melissa of KY; Michael & LEVI: TSD0265 – trained by Leah of TN;
Chris & ROY: TSD0266 – trained by Randy of LA; Matthew & CHANCE: TSD0267 – trained by Derrick of NC;
Bart & CHILI: TSD0268 – trained by Miriam of NC ; Barbra & BAILEY: TSD0269 – trained by Brent of SATX;
Richard & GUNNER: TSD0270 -trained by Sherrie of MA; John & SPARKPLUG: TSD0271 – trained by Leah of TN;
Michael & BUDDY: TSD0272 – trained by Leah of TN; Jose & ROXY: TSD0273 – trained by Jackie of CO;
James & MARLEY: TSD0274 – trained by Michelle of DFW; Lisa & DANTE: TSD0275 – trained by Cheralyn of IL;
Kent & SAMSON: TSD0276 – trained by Tony of TX; Benjamin & BEAU:TSD0277 – trained by David of NC;
Johnny & LIBERTY: TSD0278 – trained by Sara of AL; Charles & FRENCHIE: TSD0279 – trained by Sandhya of TX;
Brandie & MAGGIE: TSD0280 – trained by Sandhya of TX; Lance & ROOSTER: TSD0281 – trained by Sandhya of TX;
Jesse & BIG D: TSD0282 – trained by Jessica of TX; Jesse & JINX: TSD 0283 – trained by Jessica of TX; and
Ken & ANNIE: TSD0284 – trained by Phyllis of FL.

Special Congratulations to Ken & ANNIE TSD0284, s they also became the 39th Vietnam Veteran Team to pass the PATT. Finally we can say “Welcome Home and Thank You for your sacrifices and service to Our Nation” which should have been 40+years ago.

Several of the Trainers accredited their first Service Dog Teams. This group includes Miriam of NC, Tony of TX, David of NC and Phyllis of FL. Congratulations and a job well done to each and everyone of the TADSAW Dog Training Teams. All of you make this program a real success and take care of the needs of the Veterans and their Service Dogs.

June 2014 was an exciting month with 225 applications being sent out to individuals, and an amazing 95 returned completed and ready to start training. So far the totals in 2014 thru the end of June are 1116 applications sent out compared to 593 for the same period in 2013. There have been 86 TADSAW Service Dog Teams accredited since the beginning of 2014. A total of 450 Teams are currently in-training or awaiting a rescue dog to start training. And that means one thing!!! More Money is needed to continue the training of these Teams to the tune of about $750,000. when all is said and done. BUT there is still six months to go in 2014!!!! How high will the totals reach??

A sorry note to all the good things occurring. TADSAW lost 3 canine ‘Battle Buddies’ during June 2014. Two of the Dogs were in-training with their Veterans, and one had already achieved Service Dog status. BENNY TSD0007 will be sadly missed by his buddy, Mitch, and all of us in TADSAW.

Mitch is actually the one in July 2010, that contacted Penny’s From Heaven Foundation’s (PFHF) founder Patsy about getting Service Dog training for BENNY, due to Mitch’s PTSD. But PFHF was only a therapy dog program, and could not assist Mitch and BENNY. It was about a week later that another Active Duty wounded warrior made the statement “I wish my dog could do that” -learn how to be quiet and obedient.. and the words that flowed from my mouth was “Train a Dog – Save a Warrior”!!! And that was how TADSAW was born four years ago this month.

SO Happy Anniversary-Birthday TADSAW. And if you are compelled, please send a donation to help pay for training sessions, vests, t-shirts for the graduates and celebrate 4 great years.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July Holiday weekend…..

As always, I remain,

Bart Sherwood
Program Director – TADSAW, INC.